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Alright guys and gals! I just wanted to share a quick Easy Empire Profits review video from YouTube with you where earnings proof is shown at the end. The proof at the end shows the earnings made from Amazon, ClickSure, and then ClickBank respectively. First, Mike Porter discusses what his system is all about and how exactly it works. Let’s take a look:

The Easy Empire Profits Review Video & Earnings Proof

Also, if you’d like more information right at this time, feel free to visit the Facebook fan page. There, you’ll be able to view the details about the system as well as updates.

Hopefully the idea behind Mike Porter’s traffic and profit centers became a bit more clear from the review video above. However, we can discuss more how exactly all of this works. Firstly, if you aren’t familiar with how affiliate marketing works, please check out my post here.

“Easy Empire Profits isn’t based on some new, top secret formula to make money online – it has just streamlined the process of affiliate marketing and taken out all of the guess work.”

Is It A Scam? How Does It Work?

I assume you have read my earlier posts about how a passive income can be made online. Once you get past the hyped-up sales video and you actually go through the membership area Mike has put together, you’ll see that you really can make easy profits online. Easy might be a loosely defined term in this sense, but it sure beats all the other scams I’ve tried before.

ClickSure EarningsIf you initially become overwhelmed with the amount of information that is available in the members’ area, just take a deep breath and understand that it will just take you a few days to get the hang of it. You don’t just purchase it and become a millionaire over night… Anything that claims that should be a red flag to you that it is a scam.

You’ll quickly realize that all the information and tools are very well organized in a step-by-step fashion. There really is no requirement for any previous experience or technical know-how. This has been made possible because Mike Porter has already done all that for us. All we do is implement his profit centers (website templates) that take just a few minutes to set up. These profit centers are pre-made templates that have gone through rigorous online testing to see what words, images, etc make visitors pull out their wallets and buy.

Once you have successfully set up your profit center, you then take advantage of the traffic centers. Not only do we get tons of buyer traffic sent directly to our profit centers that run on autopilot for a passive income, we will be getting this same type of targeted traffic from multiple other sources! This is what I truly liked about this unique system.

I’ve heard that people who strictly rely on Google (or just search engines in general) for traffic will eventually fail. They’re always making changes and updates, so your website could potentially lose a lot of that buyer traffic. That’s why Mike Porter’s traffic centers are so clever because it completely diversifies your traffic portfolio. The traffic centers literally go out and hunt down visitors that are just itching to buy the top quality products that you are promoting as an affiliate. This traffic comes from social media sites, various search engines, media sharing sites, and a lot more. It makes your passive income very stable and secure this way!


Earnings from ClickBankNow remember, you’re not going to become rich your first week, or month, or anytime very soon. You’ll have to be actively engaged in setting up your profit and traffic centers, and the more you set up, the more your passive income will go up! Most people can expect to make a hundred to a few hundred bucks per day when they are first starting out. However, some students take the system to a whole other level right out of the gates and become very successful much faster. If you want to get wealthy, don’t get complacent! Just keep on setting up more profit centers and initiate the traffic centers.

Earning a passive income from having a website that sells affiliate products has been proven time and time again to work. How do you think those twenty-something-year-old, laptop-wielding entrepreneurs are sitting countless hours at the coffee shop just drinking their coffee and never have to go to work? Then… you see them leave in a brand new super car without seemingly having a care in the world. Easy Empire Profits isn’t based on some new, top secret formula to make money online – it has just streamlined the process of affiliate marketing and taken out all of the guess work. Of course, people have made a passive income like this for the past decade. However, now anyone with the right kind of motivation can do it using this model.

It made sense to me… it’s completely risk-free… and… I can already see it starting to pay off. I believe it will change my life and give me more freedom to do what I want.

Could it do the same for you?

The Basic Layout of Easy Empire Profits

Alright guys, I know you’re itching to know whether Easy Empire Profits can really make you the money they promise. Well, I’m dying to get my Easy Empire Profits review out to you guys quickly, but in order for it to be unbiased and thorough, I need to see results.

Right now, I’m just as anxious as you guys to find out whether Mike Porter is just scamming me or if his traffic and profit centers are the real deal. To be honest, I’ve got a lot of other things going on in my life right now, but so far it has not been too time consuming to learn or set up at all!

What is Easy Empire Profits All About?

So while we’re all waiting on my full review and earnings results, I can go ahead and give you the basic outline of how this system is supposed to work. The basis for how we are going to make a passive income online with Mike Porter’s course and tools is through affiliate marketing. If you aren’t familiar with how that works, just go to ClickBank.com and check it out (as one major example).

Really, it will work with any affiliate marketing network, but just some big examples are:

  • ClickBank
  • ClickSure
  • Commission Junction
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • PayDotCom
  • Tons more…

I say “tons more” because there are literally thousands of these networks out there that pay you a commission (very promptly I might add) for any sales you make. If you go with one that has a marketplace for digital information products (like e-books, software, etc), you will earn a commission that ranges anywhere from 50% to 75%! “Why so high?” you ask… Well, information products can be downloaded unlimited times without additional cost to the vendor, so each sale is pure profit for them (except your commission). Mike’s system actually picks the best converting products for us (the ones that sell the most, make the highest commissions, etc).

You can also sell products from Amazon (or eBay, Best Buy, New Egg, etc), but your commission percentage will be drastically less. This is of course because of the fact that they are physical products that require raw materials, shipping and processing, etc. You can earn a commission anywhere between 3% and 10% (I believe), but they are an easier sale because consumers are familiar with big companies like Amazon and they’re getting a tangible product.

OK… perhaps I went a bit too much into detail there… so let’s talk about how Mike Porter claims to have affiliate marketing be more efficient and more effective for us.

Mike Porter shows us how to set up WordPress websites with extreme ease (this I can vouch for myself). If you have never ever set up a website before, this will amaze you as far as how easily even you (a newbie) can create a beautiful, professional website in just a few minutes. You get access to all the templates for these sites that have been tested and proven to get customers to buy through your site.

You also learn how to do killer keyword research to find highly profitable niches where you can set up these WordPress sites to recommend your affiliate products from the marketplaces listed above. Here is another aspect of Empire Profits where I learned a great deal. Keyword research is one of the most critical components of the online passive income success equation. If you don’t do the right keyword research, you will be ousted by too much competition and never make any money! This is very true, and I gotta give it to Mike once again that he shows us a very unique strategy to prevent failure due to competition.

Competition… that brings me to the next component. We can have the most beautiful WordPress sites, but if we don’t have traffic, we’ll never make money! This is where the traffic centers come into play. Not only are we going to rely on Google for traffic, Mike has provided us a system that literally goes out and hunts down laser-targeted buyer traffic for us on autopilot from over 5 different sources.

The final piece of the general equation is conversions. The profit center templates, accessible from Easy Empire Profits members’ area, are expertly designed on years of e-commerce research and proven results. Instead of us scratching our heads trying to figure out what to write on our WordPress sites to get people to buy the products, all we do is use the templates provided for us! We do make a few minor adjustments to personalize and individualize them so we don’t have duplicate content, but the hard part is already done.

Anyways, I know that is a very basic review so far. I promise to go more in-depth very soon, but I don’t want to waste my time if I don’t earn anything (and neither should you). So… we’ll just have to wait and see. Currently, I don’t believe it is a scam just based on the sheer volume of things I have already learned about e-commerce, web design, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, social media… the list just goes on.

And hell… It’s actually a lot of fun too! If I actually make a passive income by doing this stuff soon, that will just be icing on the cake!

Please stay tuned or leave a comment. I’m interested if anyone else has thought about checking this out :)

Update: Still Going Through Mike Porter’s System

Hey guys, just a quick update on what’s going on. I’m still going through the whole system and testing everything out before I post a review. I’m taking my time with it because it’s important that I follow the steps correctly. I also want to see whether I can actually make any real money using this system, so I should have a screenshot of my earnings (if there really are any) eventually.

So far, I’m pretty impressed with the sheer volume of information and tools made available in the member’s area. However, the real plus is how organized it all is. I was getting pretty fed up with all those “make money online” courses that just had random videos and PDF guides all over the place. It’s very important to me that everything is taught progressively from the very beginning and in a clear-cut, step-by-step fashion.

If it’s one thing I’ve learned in my newbie efforts of making a passive income on the web, it’s that information overload can be a real killer!

There are various blueprints to be successful at generating a passive income online. However when it comes to ones that bring the most success to newbies the fastest, finding an effective one that doesn’t require a huge investment of time and money is rare.

I had yet to come across the one blueprint that seriously walked you through the whole process by taking baby steps and that had solid proof of effectiveness to justify it wasn’t another waste of time. Mike Porter (creator) seems to be one of the few that truly understands this concept.

Another great thing about Mike’s system is that it gets you targeted traffic to your affiliate links from multiple different traffic sources (or traffic centers). It’s also 100% Google-compliant, and they aren’t some out-dated or black hat techniques. Also, the targeted, buyer traffic is coming from sources other than Google as well, which means you’ll start getting sales much quicker and from diversified sources. All in all, you’re getting faster results as well as stability through a diversified income portfolio. Once a campaign (or profit center) is set up, it generates a passive income because you make commissions from people buying through your affiliate links. The next step is to increase your commissions by setting up more campaigns. The more campaigns you set up, the more money you make, but also the faster and more efficient you become.

Anyways, I’m sorry if you were expecting more information right at this point; this was just a quick update. Like I said, I’m still going through everything and giving it a thorough test run to see if it will actually help me generate some affiliate sales online.

Please come back in a short while to check up on my progress, and I’ll have the full review out to you guys soon.

What I’ve Tried Before

OK, this post is just a real quick one about where I’m coming from. Specifically, I wanted to share what methods I’d tried before as I’m still fairly new to internet marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, etc.

Too be honest, I just recently got into all this out of necessity. I was working a crappy job for a bastard of a manager at a major electronics retailer. I was getting nowhere in life… fast. So naturally, I was looking for a much better alternative to waking up to an alarm clock everyday, having an incompetent boss, sitting in traffic every morning and every night, etc. You get the picture.

Anyways, I turned to the web for answers. Wow! There’s quit a lot of information about making money online. It actually got my hopes up quite a bit. However, when I dug deeper into it, I started finding out that there were a lot of scams out there.

I had to admit that those high-pressure marketing videos certainly did the trick and got me to buy. I didn’t know any better (probably like most newbies), so I started following an internet marketing course called Easy Cash Code. Boy was this a major scam! Of course I didn’t know this even after I bought it because I didn’t know any different.

It wasn’t so much about the $47 dollars or so I had lost (because I just got a full refund within the 60 days), but it was just about the amount of time I had wasted and the fact that there are people out there that actually scam so many others to that degree. After a few weeks of not earning a single dime online, I began to learn that this was all just out-dated information. Half of it was a system based around principles that used to work many years ago if you knew exactly what you were doing, but the other half was just plain lies.

Afterwards, I kinda felt like I should go at it alone and not worry about internet marketing/”make money online” training courses. I figured I could just look up all the individual details online myself. The main thing I learned is that it isn’t easy. I mean… there certainly isn’t such a thing as an “easy cash code”. However, I talked to many people on different IM forums, and I found out that it is possible to make a passive income online… and get quite wealthy doing it.

As I read more and more forum threads etc, I found out about Mike Porter’s system. I decided to give it another shot because it came highly recommended, and I really had nothing to lose with the 60 day refund policy.

All in all, I’ve heard from many people that it is possible to make a passive income online, get very wealthy in the process, work from home, set your own hours, etc. So, I’m going to see whether the empire profits system from Mike Porter is actually going to help me do it… or… if it’s just another scam.

I set up this blog to track my progress and post my results (if any) and kinda give you guys a full review of the whole system. I’ll let you know what’s up soon and whether I recommended it or whether to steer clear!

My Easy Empire Profits Review Is Coming Soon

My Unbiased Easy Empire Profits Coming Soon!

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